I have investigated static and dynamic analysis techniques to model Malware behaviour for Android Apps. These behavioural models were be used to mitigate proliferation of Malware in the mobile App ecosystems. During my PhD, I worked on an adaptive bound constraint solver for atomic subsumption constraints. This solver was used to perform information flow analysis to ascertain whether a program protects confidentiality of classified information. My Masters thesis on a dynamic analysis framework for identifying the optimal instruction cache size in an application-specific manner. I then extended this work to perform cache tuning for multitasking embedded systems.

Funded Projects

My research has been funded through the following projects. I am grateful to the funders for their contribution.

FunderRoleYear(s)ProjectAmount (£)
EPSRCPI22-26PhD Studentship (CDT)100K
EPSRCPI22-25MUSE: Multi-Modal Software Evolution421K
TurinTechPI21-24PhD Studentship62K
TurinTechPI21-Research Grant10K
EPSRCCo-I21-24Verifiably Correct Swarm Attestation514K
UK GovernmentCo-I19-21Confidential200K
UK GovernmentPI20Summer Internship Project3K
Univ. of SurreyPI20Travel Grant1K
Univ. of SurreyPI19-22PhD Studentship60K
UCLPI18Travel Grant3K
Univ. of HertfordshirePI11Travel Grant6K
Overview of Research Funding