I have been fortunate to work with a number of collaborators over the years. I value long-term working relationships and over time, my network has grown to include several well known national and international collaborators. This is helping me achieve critical mass in driving the agenda on Software Transparency.

International Centre of Excellence

I am currently building a virtual Centre of Excellence in Software Measurement and Tooling for Secure Software Engineering by bringing together researchers from UK, Spain and Japan. The work on measurement of security risks in open source software ecosystems is being led by me and researchers from IMDEA, Spain. This work is informing mitigation techniques that use automated tools to heal, upgrade and patch software, making it resilient against security risks. It is our aim to use these automated tools in DevOps and DevSecOps pipelines, where we frequently seek inputs of the industry. The autopatching work is being led by me, researchers from University College London and National Institure of Informatics, Japan.

Team and Alumni

My own team has research interests building automation tools for Secure Software Engineering. I am fortunate to work with and have worked with the following staff and students. Trust me, they are all brilliant! I’ve personally nurtured research interests of some of them during their undergraduate studies, before they became my graduate students.

Saeed SerajPDRACurrentRoyal Holloway
Giuseppe RaffaPhDCurrentRoyal Holloway
Alexis ButlerPhD*CurrentRoyal Holloway
Marcos TileriaPhDAlumniIpsos UK
Costin PetrescuPhDAlumniUniversity of Surrey
*Alexis is in the foundation year of her PhD and will start research in 2024.