ICSE NIER papers on Dual-Channel Research

Two of our papers on dual-channel research have been accepted into the NIER track of International Conference on Software Engineering.

The first of these papers titled “A Theory of Dual-Channel Constraints” with Casey Casalnuovo, Earl Barr, Prem Devanbu  and Emily Morgan discusses a theory of the synergy in software between the natural language channel aimed at the human developer and algorithmic channel aimed at the machine. This paper underpins much of our research in this area and an instance of which is our FSE’18 paper “RefiNym: Using Names To Refine Types”.

The second paper with Annie Louis, Earl Barr, Michael Ernst and Annie Louis that has been accepted is titled “Where should I comment my code? A dataset and model for predicting locations that need comments“. This is a first attempt at understanding which parts of the source code need further documentation in the form of developer comments. Please to share that this paper has been nominated for a best paper award.